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Research confirms that lifestyle – how we live each day – can delay and even prevent many age related brain diseases if we begin a protective lifestyle starting in midlife.

These discoveries reveal that brain health goes way beyond inheriting ‘good genes’.

We help you discover and improve lifestyle factors and habits critical to well being.

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Our unique Online Programs can lower risk for age related disease for ages 45 – 80 and beyond.  Each is filled with fun, learning, relaxation and new experiences that strengthen your resiliency.

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We love to explore, be engaged and challenged throughout our entire lives. Seeking builds resilience and is central to a healthy lifestyle.


At every age, playing helps maintain and strengthen flexibility, relaxation, learning, social skills, mobility and putting a ‘twinkle in our eye’.


We are born to nurture and bond with others. Whether we feel safe and cared for can deeply influence our social learning and cognition.


Among the most profound ways to ensure health is the ability to relax, nurture and care for our minds and bodies.

Testimonials from Past Participants

My experience on the Lifestyle Rewired immersion wellness program was beyond rejuvenating.
I felt much improved, both mentally and physically. I also saw significant improvement
in my vital aging audit.


My mother suffered from Alzheimer's disease, so I had been seeking out some ways to prevent the
same happening to me. Lifestyle Rewired's 1-day program taught me a lot about how my lifestyle
was really affecting my brain health and how I can track my activities to delay Alzheimer's.